Port of Schwebsingen

The premises, which are located on the administrative building of the former Schwebsange Port Campsite, are run as a café-bistro. It is situated on the banks of the Moselle river, in the middle of nature, with a clear view of the port, the Moselle river and the surrounding vineyards. Appreciated by customers for the easy access and the activities of the port, this site of the former camping is ready for other activities such as occasional markets, fairs, exhibitions, and other outdoor events.
Access to the restaurant is provided via a handicapped-accessible entrance.
An additional advantage for visitors to the site is the presence of toilets/showers for people with disabilities.


1,rue du Port
+352 28806605
Spoken languages:

Fact sheet

Name Value
Date certification 08.04.2022
Staff was trained no
Info in digital form no
Info using large letters yes
Info available in braille no
Target group: limited mobility yes
Target group: wheelchair yes
Target group: visually impaired yes
Target group: visually disabled yes
Target group: hearing impaired yes
Target group: hearing disabled yes
Target group: learning difficulty yes
Emergency plan yes
Reduction no
Name Value
Name english Port of Schwebsingen
GPS coordinates 49.5121432,6.3624713
Name Value
Intern no
Floor covering Concrete
Length (m) 50
Width (cm) 95
Bypath yes
For pedestrians yes
Narrowest point length (cm) 95
Separation tactile no
Separation coloured no
Floor reflecting no
Floor illuminated yes
Floor lightning dazzles no
Support handrail no
Guidelines no
Seating-accommodation no
Traffic light no
Traffic light audible no
Traffic light vibrating no
Name Value
Bus yes
Bus details N° 125
Bus distance 175
Train no
Tram no
Train no
Name Value
Beamer no
Television no
Radio no
Wifi no
Phone no
Fax no
Tactile no
With braille no
Signage tactile no
Induction loop no
Ramp no
Name Value
Type of door single leaf door
Door opens to inside yes
Door opens to outside no
Day and night no
Handle height (cm) 104
Handle opens door no
Handle horizontal yes
Handle vertical no
Handle turning no
Door opens automatically no
Door closes automatically no
Spring mechanism no
Switch to open no
Opens in hallway no
Threshold (> 3cm) no
Steps no
Glas door yes
Glas with contrast stripes yes
Name Value
Contrast no
With braille no
Tactile no
Reflective no
Colour 1 colour 1
Colour 2 colour 1
Colour 3 colour 1
Colour 4 colour 1
Text size sufficient yes
Text with serifs no
Text italic no
Text with ligation no
Map of object no
Parking for handicaped marked yes
Path for handicaped marked no
Reception marked yes
Infopoint marked no
Opening hours marked yes
WC for handicaped marked yes
Lift marked yes
Other marked no
Audio information no
Audio comprehensible no
Name Value
Name english Liblingsplaz
Text english The spacious car park with 50 spaces is located in front of the premises on a flat concrete surface, one space is reserved for PRM.
Public yes
Customer parking yes
Covered no
Illuminated yes
Number (all) 50
Number (parking disabled) 1
Length (cm) 500
Width (cm) 350
Distance entry (m) 50
Way underground no
Way covered no
Way illuminated yes
Way direction of light down
Ticket system no
Staff support no
Bell no
Intercom no
Parking for disabled poeple
Name Value
Name english Liblingsplaz
Main entrance yes
Name Value
Name english Liblingsplaz
Text english A spacious lift attached to the main building provides access to the restaurant.
Mirror yes
Length (cm) 150
Interface 1 height (cm) 96
Interface with contrast yes
Interface with reflief yes
Interface with braille no
Acoustic Notes no
Seating-accommodation no
Lift Lift
Sufficient space before yes
Sufficient space behind yes
Space before length (cm) 300
Space before width (cm) 170
Space behind length (cm) 250
Space behind width (cm) 500
Name Value
Name english Liblingsplaz
Text english The spacious and light-flooded venue, despite the relative narrowness (2.35 m on the narrowest passage), allows a pleasant freedom of movement thanks to the intelligent arrangement of the mobile tables and chairs.
Type of dining room Restaurant
Length (m) 16
Width (m) 3
Number of places 64
Space between tables (cm) 90
Furniture freely placeable yes
Space under tables (cm) 72
Free way to counter yes
Way width (cm) 100
Menu card in Braille no
Table service yes
Name Value
Text english A spacious toilet is located in the restaurant, easily accessible, and well equipped, the only downside being the height of the attached mirror.
Intern no
Type of toilette Toilet for persons reduced mobility
Floor number 1
Length (m) 4
Width (m) 2
Accessible yes
Wheelchair yes
WC space right (cm) 78
WC space left (cm) 255
WC space before (cm) 100
WC height (cm) 45
WC basin space right (cm) 78
WC basin space left (cm) 255
WC basin space before (cm) 100
WC basin height (cm) 45
Handles right yes
Handles left yes
Handles removable yes
Handles height (cm) 73
Sink space right (cm) 260
Sink space left (cm) 33
Sink space before (cm) 160
Sink height (cm) 88
Mirror lowest point (cm) 126
Mirror turnable no
Automatic light switch no
Changing table no
Separated man/woman yes
Free way to counter yes
Way width (cm) 95
Name Value
Name english Liblingsplaz
Text english A toilet with additional shower facilities is located outside the restaurant very close to the lift.
Length (m) 2
Width (m) 4
Furniture freely placeable yes
Free way to counter yes
Own bathroom yes
Bathtub no
Bathtub easy entry easy entry type 1
Shower yes
Shower easy entry easy entry type 1
Shower non-slip yes
Shower seat yes
Shower handle horizontal yes
Shower handle hor. height (cm) 84
Shower handle vertical yes
Shower handle ver. height (cm) 102
WC space right (cm) 186
WC space left (cm) 191
WC space before (cm) 153
WC height (cm) 50
WC basin space right (cm) 186
WC basin space left (cm) 82
WC basin space before (cm) 191
WC basin height (cm) 50
Handles right yes
Handles left yes
Handles removable yes
Handles height (cm) 82
Sink space right (cm) 83
Sink space left (cm) 42
Sink space before (cm) 177
Sink height (cm) 85
Mirror lowest point (cm) 88
Mirror turnable no
Automatic light switch yes
Changing table no
Hair dryer no
Type of tap tap type 1