Conservatoire de Luxembourg

The Auditorium, a prestigious place of musical dissemination, gives this place great popularity.
During the year, a rich selection of concerts, presentations, ballets, operas and operettas are offered.


33, Rue Charles Martel
L-2134 Luxembourg
+352 47 96 55 55
+352 44 96 86
Spoken languages:
Concert hall

Fact sheet

Name Value
Date certification 29.08.2014
Staff was trained no
Info in digital form yes
Info using large letters yes
Info available in braille no
Target group: limited mobility yes
Target group: wheelchair yes
Target group: visually impaired yes
Target group: visually disabled yes
Target group: hearing impaired yes
Target group: hearing disabled yes
Target group: learning difficulty yes
Emergency plan yes
Reduction no
Concert hall
Name Value
Name english Conservatory of Luxemburg
GPS coordinates 49.602271,6.107072
Name Value
Name english Parking of the Conservatoire
Public yes
Customer parking no
Covered no
Illuminated no
Number (all) 30
Number (parking disabled) 2
Length (cm) 500
Width (cm) 321
Way underground no
Way covered no
Way illuminated no
Way direction of light down
Ticket system no
Staff support no
Bell no
Intercom no
Parking for disabled persons
Name Value
Name english Accessible toilet
Text english Accessible toilet located in the main hall
Intern yes
Type of toilette Toilet for persons reduced mobility
Floor number 0
Length (m) 213
Width (m) 232
Accessible yes
Wheelchair yes
WC space right (cm) 66
WC space left (cm) 140
WC space before (cm) 124
WC height (cm) 41
WC basin space right (cm) 66
WC basin space left (cm) 140
WC basin space before (cm) 124
WC basin height (cm) 41
Handles right yes
Handles left yes
Handles removable yes
Sink space right (cm) 39
Sink space left (cm) 86
Sink space before (cm) 193
Sink height (cm) 124
Mirror lowest point (cm) 68
Mirror turnable yes
Automatic light switch yes
Changing table no
Separated man/woman no
Free way to counter no
Accessible toilet
Name Value
Name english Concert hall for concerts
Text english 4 places have been reserved for wheelchair users but more chairs can be put down via mobile ramps. There are no induction loops or FM systems for information broadcasting. There are no induction loops or FM systems for broadcasting information.
Type of presentation room presentation 1
Length (m) 14
Width (m) 20
Furniture freely placeable no
Free way to counter yes
Number of places 620
Number of places for wheelchair 4
View of the concert hall