Lëtzebuerg City Museum

The Museum of History of the City of Luxembourg inaugurated in June 1996, is located in the heart of the old town in the street of the Holy Spirit.
The museum is composed of two parts:
The floors (0, 1 and 2) below the entrance to the Rue du Saint-Esprit relate the urban, social, economic and political evolution of the city.
The upper floors (3, 4 and 5) are reserved for temporary exhibitions in which the museum deals with societal issues that respond to the current concerns of its multicultural local and foreign audiences.
Visitors with reduced mobility can access via the main entrance.
All floors can be reached by a lift. 2 exhibits are not accessible due to the presence of a few steps.
For groups with reduced mobility arriving by bus, it is recommended to go through the secondary entrance; On request, a secured lifting platform can be used.
On request, the inner courtyard can indicate a PMR car park.
For blind / visually impaired groups a guide may be made available on request.
The museum has 3 toilets suitable for wheelchair users.
You can also borrow a manual wheelchair on request.


14, Rue du Saint Esprit
L-2090 Luxembourg
+352 47 96 45 00
+352 47 17 07
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Lëtzebuerg City Museum

Fact sheet

Name Value
Date certification 18.03.2013
Staff was trained yes
Info in digital form yes
Info using large letters yes
Info available in braille no
Target group: limited mobility yes
Target group: wheelchair yes
Target group: visually impaired yes
Target group: visually disabled yes
Target group: hearing impaired yes
Target group: hearing disabled yes
Target group: learning difficulty yes
Emergency plan yes
Reduction no
Lëtzebuerg City Museum
Name Value
Name english Lëtzebuerg City Museum
GPS coordinates 49.6100719,6.1336004
Name Value
Name english Parking
Text english On request, the inner courtyard can be used as a parking for visitors with a disability.
Public no
Customer parking yes
Covered no
Illuminated yes
Number (all) 3
Length (cm) 500
Width (cm) 300
Way underground no
Way covered no
Way illuminated yes
Way direction of light down
Ticket system no
Staff support no
Bell no
Intercom no
Inner courtyard
Name Value
Name english Main entrance
Main entrance yes
Name Value
Name english Main door
Type of door single leaf door
Width (cm) 100
Door opens to inside no
Door opens to outside yes
Doors distance 100
Day and night no
Handle opens door no
Handle horizontal no
Handle vertical no
Handle turning no
Door opens automatically yes
Door closes automatically yes
Spring mechanism no
Switch to open yes
Opens in hallway no
Threshold (> 3cm) no
Steps no
Glas door no
Glas with contrast stripes no
Name Value
Name english Reception
Counter highest point (cm) 68
Counter lowest point (cm) 68
Counter for specific needs no
Sufficient space before yes
Space before length (cm) 300
Space before width (cm) 300
Free way to counter yes
Way width (cm) 100
Ticket service no
Open counter no
Opening hours Mo-Fr 10:00-18:00
Opening hours Sa 10:00-18:00
Opening hours Su 10:00-18:00
Letter box no
Name Value
Name english Accessible toilet located at +1
Intern no
Type of toilette Accessible toilet for people with disabilities
Floor number 1
Length (m) 195
Width (m) 186
Accessible yes
Wheelchair yes
WC space right (cm) 59
WC space left (cm) 97
WC space before (cm) 141
WC height (cm) 52
WC basin space right (cm) 59
WC basin space left (cm) 97
WC basin space before (cm) 141
WC basin height (cm) 59
Handles right yes
Handles left yes
Handles removable yes
Handles height (cm) 90
Sink space right (cm) 28
Sink space left (cm) 112
Sink space before (cm) 134
Sink height (cm) 70
Mirror lowest point (cm) 95
Mirror turnable no
Automatic light switch yes
Changing table no
Separated man/woman no
Free way to counter no
Accessible toilet
Name Value
Name english Museum Exhibition Halls
Type of exposition room exposition type 1
Space between furniture (cm) 85
Furniture freely placeable no
Free way to counter no
Height of exhibits (cm) 30
Exhibits touchable no
Staff was trained no
Labels readable no
Text english Mind the gap located along the 1st level walls
Exhibition room
Gap located on the 1st level
Name Value
Name english Weltbuttek am Musée
Text english Platform to connect the shop to the +3 level Maneuvering area in front of the door (length * width) 300 * 300 cm Cabinet door: 83 cm Inside dimensions of the cabin (length * width) 100 * 100 cm Height control elements: Top edge: cm - Bottom edge: cm Dimensions of the auction room (length * width): 890 * 580 cm Space between furniture: There is more than 100 cm of free space. Movable furniture: no Additional Information: On-site staff is ready to describe the objects for sale.
Type of exhibitor 1