Ramborn Cider Haff

This renovated 18th century farm in Luxembourg's gorgeous Sûre valley is home to the Ramborn Cider Co., Luxembourg's award-winning cider producer. This impressive and inspirational space is open to visitors, for guided tours and tastings. The Location is also available to hire for all sorts of gatherings and occasions.

The entire site and the guided tours are barrier-free, as the site is at ground level or other obstacles can be reached via a ramp or lift.


23, Duerfstrooss
L-6660 Born
+352 26 72 92 04
Spoken languages:
Ramborn Cider

Fact sheet

Name Value
Date certification 07.11.2019
Staff was trained no
Info in digital form yes
Info using large letters yes
Info available in braille no
Target group: limited mobility yes
Target group: wheelchair yes
Target group: visually impaired yes
Target group: visually disabled yes
Target group: hearing impaired yes
Target group: hearing disabled yes
Target group: learning difficulty yes
Emergency plan no
Reduction no
Ramborn Cider
Name Value
Name english GPS coordinates
GPS coordinates 49.760164,6.513149
Name Value
Name english Public Transport
Bus yes
Bus details 485
Bus distance 100
Train no
Tram no
Train no
Name Value
Name english Private parking Ramborn Cider
Text english This parking lot is located in the backyard of Ramborn Cider. The parking spaces are not signposted, but there is enough space for buses or larger vehicles. The distance to the entrance is only 10 meters.
Public no
Customer parking yes
Covered no
Illuminated no
Number (all) 10
Way underground no
Way covered no
Way illuminated no
Way direction of light down
Ticket system no
Staff support no
Bell no
Intercom no
Private parking Ramborn Cider
Entrance from the parking
Name Value
Name english Lift
Mirror no
Interface 1 height (cm) 96
Interface with contrast yes
Interface with reflief yes
Interface with braille no
Acoustic Notes no
Seating-accommodation no
Lift Lift
Sufficient space before yes
Sufficient space behind yes
Space before length (cm) 160
Space before width (cm) 200
Space behind length (cm) 170
Space behind width (cm) 160
Name Value
Name english Reception
Counter highest point (cm) 90
Counter lowest point (cm) 90
Counter for specific needs no
Sufficient space before yes
Space before length (cm) 160
Space before width (cm) 160
Free way to counter yes
Way width (cm) 100
Ticket service no
Open counter yes
Opening hours Mo-Fr https://www.ramborn.com/en/visit
Opening hours Sa https://www.ramborn.com/en/visit
Opening hours Su https://www.ramborn.com/en/visit
Letter box no
Name Value
Name english Accessible toilet for people with disabilities Floor 0
Intern no
Type of toilette Accessible toilet for people with disabilities
Floor number 0
Length (m) 2
Width (m) 2
Accessible yes
Wheelchair yes
WC space right (cm) 26
WC space left (cm) 152
WC space before (cm) 160
WC height (cm) 50
WC basin space right (cm) 26
WC basin space left (cm) 152
WC basin space before (cm) 160
WC basin height (cm) 50
Handles right yes
Handles left no
Handles removable yes
Handles height (cm) 75
Sink space right (cm) 60
Sink space left (cm) 35
Sink space before (cm) 160
Sink height (cm) 75
Mirror lowest point (cm) 100
Mirror turnable no
Automatic light switch yes
Changing table no
Separated man/woman no
Free way to counter yes
Way width (cm) 90
Name Value
Name english Presentation room 2
Text english This room can be reached via stairs, via the elevator or continuously via the backyard. This room can also be rented for events.
Type of presentation room presentation 1
Length (m) 17
Width (m) 10
Space between furniture (cm) 100
Furniture freely placeable no
Free way to counter yes
Way width (cm) 100
Number of places 120
Number of places for wheelchair 60
Presentation room 2
Presentation room 2
Name Value
Name english Presentation room 1
Text english The upper area is accessible via stairs, the lower area is specially designed for people with reduced mobility.
Type of presentation room presentation 1
Length (m) 5
Width (m) 3
Space between furniture (cm) 90
Furniture freely placeable yes
Free way to counter yes
Way width (cm) 100
Number of places 20
Number of places for wheelchair 5
Presentation room lower section
Presentation room upstairs area
Name Value
Name english Ramborn Cider Shop
Text english All Ramborn Cider products are sold here.
Type of exhibitor 1
Ramborn Cider Shop