MUDAM - Modern art museum Grand Duke Jean

Large museum of modern and contemporary art, fully accessible.
The staff is at your disposal on request (tel.: +352 45 37 85 910).
Guided tours for groups by appointment (tel. +352 45 37 85 531 or e-mail Assistance dogs are allowed in the museum.
The parking lot of the 3 acorns is about 150 m from the main entrance of the museum. On request you can reach the entrance by car. (tel:+352 45 37 85 910)
On the narrow path from the underground car park to the museum entrance there are obstacles such as posts, works, sidewalks and slopes.
The signs inside the museum are not accessible.
However, contact persons can be found on every floor.
The path through the museum is quite wide at all points. The "MEDIALAB" section is not accessible. On each floor there is an accessible toilet. No contrasting stripes on stairs and windows. In the cafeteria the staff is at your disposal if required. Opening hours: daily from 11.00 - 18.00, Wednesday to 20.00 and Tuesday closed. On Wednesdays from 18.00h to 20.00h the entrance is free. The admission price is 8 € (full price) 5 € (reduced price). For further information please visit


3, Park Drai Eechelen
L-1499 Luxembourg
+352 45 37 85 1
+352 45 37 85 40
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Fact sheet

Name Value
Date certification 05.03.2008
Date certification update 12.04.2023
Staff was trained no
Info in digital form yes
Info using large letters no
Info available in braille no
Target group: limited mobility yes
Target group: wheelchair yes
Target group: visually impaired yes
Target group: visually disabled yes
Target group: hearing impaired yes
Target group: hearing disabled yes
Target group: learning difficulty yes
Emergency plan no
Reduction no
Name Value
Name english Mudam
GPS coordinates 49.6170981,6.1381481
Name Value
Name english Mudam
Bus no
Train no
Tram yes
Tram distance 250
Train no
Name Value
Name english MUDAM - Modern art museum Grand Duke Jean
Text english There is a parking lot for disabled people very close to the entrance to the museum. This access is made more difficult by the fact that a call must be made to the porter's lodge in advance. Following this request, the polders will be lowered to allow access to the pitch. This is only one parking lot. However, this access also allows people with reduced mobility to reach the entrance by taxi or minibus. In addition, there are 7 disabled parking spaces in the adjacent underground garages, distance to the entrance +/- 200 meters
Public yes
Customer parking yes
Covered no
Illuminated no
Number (all) 1
Number (parking disabled) 1
Length (cm) 540
Width (cm) 350
Distance entry (m) 15
Way underground no
Way covered no
Way illuminated yes
Way direction of light down
Ticket system no
Staff support yes
Bell no
Intercom no
Name Value
Name english MUDAM - Modern art museum Grand Duke Jean
Text english The entrance to the museum is step-free. The glass, heavy door can be opened with the help of an employee if necessary. A bell is available for this purpose.
Main entrance yes
Name Value
Name english MUDAM - Modern art museum Grand Duke Jean
Text english A huge elevator allows access to all floors
Mirror no
Length (cm) 500
Interface with contrast yes
Interface with reflief yes
Interface with braille no
Acoustic Notes no
Seating-accommodation no
Lift Lift
Sufficient space before yes
Sufficient space behind yes
Space before length (cm) 500
Space before width (cm) 400
Space behind length (cm) 500
Space behind width (cm) 400
Name Value
Name english MUDAM - Modern art museum Grand Duke Jean
Text english The reception is located on the ground floor, very close to the entrance. Integrated into the reception is a shop that offers some souvenirs for sale. The interior design allows easy passage to the reception / ticket office as well as to the goods offered.
Counter highest point (cm) 89
Counter for specific needs no
Sufficient space before yes
Space before length (cm) 175
Space before width (cm) 300
Free way to counter yes
Way width (cm) 150
Ticket service no
Open counter yes
Opening hours Mo-Fr 10HRS00 - 18HRS00
Opening hours Sa 10HRS00 - 18HRS00
Opening hours Su 10HRS00 - 18HRS00
Letter box no
Name Value
Name english MUDAM - Modern art museum Grand Duke Jean
Text english A light-flooded restaurant on the ground floor invites visitors to linger. The spacious room allows easy access to the unfixed tables and chairs
Type of dining room Restaurant
Length (m) 30
Width (m) 20
Number of places 50
Space between tables (cm) 125
Furniture freely placeable yes
Space under tables (cm) 75
Free way to counter yes
Way width (cm) 125
Menu card in Braille no
Table service yes
Name Value
Name english MUDAM - Modern art museum Grand Duke Jean
Text english On each floor there are toilets of the same design for PMR
Intern no
Type of toilette Toilet for persons reduced mobility
Floor number 0
Accessible yes
Wheelchair yes
WC space right (cm) 150
WC space left (cm) 10
WC space before (cm) 150
WC height (cm) 65
Handles right yes
Handles left yes
Handles removable yes
Handles height (cm) 85
Sink space right (cm) 125
Sink space before (cm) 125
Sink height (cm) 85
Mirror lowest point (cm) 90
Mirror turnable yes
Automatic light switch yes
Changing table no
Separated man/woman no
Free way to counter yes