Koerich - church path

The Koerich church path is a safe and comfortable path of about 1 km.
A car park for visitors with disabilities is located at the departure point.


2 Rue du Château
8385 Koerich
+352 39 02 56 1
Spoken languages:
View of the Koerich church

Fact sheet

Name Value
Date certification 30.03.2011
Staff was trained no
Info in digital form no
Info using large letters no
Info available in braille no
Target group: limited mobility yes
Target group: wheelchair yes
Target group: visually impaired yes
Target group: visually disabled yes
Target group: hearing impaired yes
Target group: hearing disabled yes
Target group: learning difficulty yes
Emergency plan no
Reduction no
View of the Koerich church
View of a wall of Koerich Castle with pigeons flying in the foreground
Name Value
Name english Koerich, sentier d'église
GPS coordinates 49.6694326,5.951637
Name Value
Name english Churchpath of Koerich
Intern no
Floor covering Concrete
Length (m) 1000
Width (cm) 90
Bypath no
For pedestrians yes
Separation tactile no
Separation coloured no
Floor reflecting no
Floor illuminated no
Floor lightning dazzles no
Support handrail no
Guidelines no
Seating-accommodation yes
Traffic light no
Traffic light audible no
Traffic light vibrating no
Name Value
Name english Parking
Text english Parking at the starting point
Public yes
Customer parking no
Covered no
Illuminated yes
Number (all) 10
Number (parking disabled) 1
Length (cm) 420
Width (cm) 350
Way underground no
Way covered no
Way illuminated yes
Way direction of light down
Ticket system no
Staff support no
Bell no
Intercom no