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Name Region Address Image
Barefoot path Mullerthal / Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland Kengert
L-7633 Medernach
View of a stage of the trail
Train station of Noertzange Land of the Red Rocks rue de la Gare
L-3382 Noerzange
Train station of Noerzange
Schueberfouer 2018 Luxembourg city Place du Glacis
L-2520 Luxembourg
Big wheel of the Schueberfouer
Circular walk from Mamer Center / West 62 Rue du Baumbusch
8213 Mamer
Mamer Autopedic Circuit No. 2
Hôtel Le Royal Luxembourg city 12, boulevard Royal
L-2449 Luxembourg
Outside view of the hotel
Accessible autopedestrian path in Mondercange Land of the Red Rocks 6, Rue du Cimetière
L-3913 Mondercange
Map from footpath
Musée national d'histoire et d'art Luxembourg Luxembourg city Marché-aux-Poissons 2345 Luxembourg
2345 Luxembourg
Musée national d'histoire et d'art Luxembourg
Camping Ettelbruck Ardennes 88, Chemin du Camping
L-9022 Ettelbrück
Oktave-Märtchen 2018 Luxembourg city Place Guillaume II
L-2090 Luxembourg
Oktave-Märtchen 2018
Le Clervaux Boutique & Design Hotel Ardennes 9, Grand-Rue
L-9710 Clervaux
Park Sënnesräich Ardennes Maison 30
L-9762 Lullange
Outside view of the Park Sënnesräich